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Meet Our Leadership

Leadership: Leadership

Pastor Thomas L. Mite is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Destiny Family Worship Center of Saint Paul Minnesota. Where he and his lovely wife co-founder Prophetess Vivian Mite Works Hand in Hand to do the Lord's work.

Pastor Mite is a devoted husband and has been married to prophetess Vivian for over 35 Years. He is a Dedicated Adopted Dad, Husband, Pastor, Teacher and mentor to both the young and old. He is a friend, confidant, Evangelist, a powerhouse preaching machine and so much more.

Pastor Mite is a true example of what God can do with a young person. At the tender age of 19 he gave his life to Christ; after being invited to a church service. A holiness’s church on a Friday night (by his then girlfriend now wife). He was filled with the Holy Ghost.  He served under great pastors where he rose through the ranks, learning, teaching and preaching the word of God. 

He served in the military which took him all around the world where he was able to Evangelize and spread the Word of God. He won many souls to Christ, and he has continued to do to this day. 

This Anointed man of God is truly example of a man after God’s own heart. 

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